Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Variations of a Theme - Stair

The Ira Keller Fountain, by Lawrence Halprin.

McCormick Tribune Campus Center, IIT, by Rem Koolhaas OMA.

Stair as Landform - Casa Malaparte

One of the most photographed houses, Casa Malaparte is that perfect example when building becomes part of the landscape.

Stair - Section

This is a house by Waro Kishi in Fukaya, Saitama Perfecture, Japan, completed in 2001. Please consult the captions to study the architect's design concept and how he materializes the idea of "bridging" by carefully detailing the stair.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We will go over your blogs to discuss:
1) The 3 images, each with a short explanatory paragraph, you have posted.
2) One piece of art work with 3 words (noun, verb and adjective) you've posted for each one of our clients.

Afterwards, we will proceed with the in-class exercise drawing sections.

Do come to our first studio prepared. Cheers.